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Re: KovJonas - My own creations

Mesaj de hntrain » Mie, 24 Ianuarie '18, ora 00:01

It is a great set to look at!
If, still, I were to choose between the two variants, I would choose the first, older one. It looks more balanced and... happier to me.

Oh, wait: I am still talking about/stuck with the LEGO Factory Playset! :)

I will have a closer look at your alternative pet shop a bit later, but until then - I do like what I see at first glance!

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Re: KovJonas - My own creations

Mesaj de lapsanszkitamas » Vin, 18 Ianuarie '19, ora 13:11

Nice job mate
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Re: KovJonas - My own creations

Mesaj de KovJonas » Vin, 18 Ianuarie '19, ora 13:20

Thank you so much Tamas!! :) Let's hope people will like and pre-order it! ;)
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Re: KovJonas - My own creations

Mesaj de endaerkened » Vin, 18 Ianuarie '19, ora 16:45

As I already said on at least two Fb groups; congrats again! A very nice design; really hope that it gets produced!
Great to know that there are so many talented AFOLs around here.